An Insight Look at Diana Hoang

Her name is Diana Hoang. She is a young Vietnamese woman at the age of 20, attending the University of Wisconsin Parkside. Diana was born and raised in Greenfield, WI. Now that she is in college, her main focus is to graduate with a major in communication. Yet, she is unsure about her future post-graduation.

Outside of school, Diana enjoys playing tennis during her free time. When she is not busy playing tennis, she spends most of her time in the kitchen cooking. Her favorite kind of food is pho, a Vietnamese noodle dish. Diana also enjoys watching television. Her favorite shows to watch are Dancing With the Stars and The Voice.

As of now, Diana does not have a car, but her dream car to be is a Toyota. Even though Diana does not have a vehicle, that has not stopped her from traveling. She has traveled to many places around the world, but there is one place she has yet to go. Anxious, Diana most dearly wants to visit Hawaii. A tropical place full of fun and joy, Diana wishes she was there today.

While most things do not bother Diana, her most troublesome pet peeve is when people do not close her bedroom door. A harmless act, but one that Diana does not appreciate. Of course, this goes along with her big family. She has two brothers and six sisters.

Aside from her life at home, Diana is well involved in school. She is the event coordinator for the Parkside Asian Organization and a member of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honors Society.


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