Final Blog Post

Throughout my time writing my blog posts, I could see that I made some improvements. From my first couple post, I did not link any outside resources, but now I have some. I made some good connections to what I have learned and what I already knew about the topics at hand. I also made a deep connection personally to the post about a crisis in masculinity because I felt that I had the most knowledge about that topic.

When discussing these topics in class, I found that many people had different opinions and it was an eye opener to see that first hand. This gave me different thoughts and a new perspective into what I was thinking and what others think as well.

I see that I did not cover much about classism, but it was a prevalent topic that we discussed about in class. I wish to expand my knowledge more on topics such as that to better understand and analyze what issues my arise in the future.

Looking towards the future, I plan to connect with others and bring the knowledge that I gained in this class and in my post to express not only my ideas and opinions but others as well to educate people who may not know these things.


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