Blog Post 7

I think the documentary, Tough Guise, covers a lot of things that goes left unsaid. There is a huge issue in today’s society with the thinking that men should always stay dominate and in control. The power aspect and controlling aspect in a man are what makes them a man. There are many differing views about this and the bigger question that everyone asks is, is masculinity in crisis?

I wrote a research paper about this topic about 2 years ago and would like to share it. Here is the paper:

To briefly summarize, I stated that the crisis in masculinity can also be seen as a crisis in society. I said this statement because I felt that after looking through all my research and data, it comes down to social construction.

Social construction is the base of all things that we believe to be true or believe to know of. We construct the idea that masculinity is in crisis because people do not want to see the change in what modern men are becoming. The idea that people should stay the same based on a principle that was once thought to be right is not actually true. We only believe in what we want to believe in and because of that, we now have a crisis in masculinity that does not really exist. It is only an assumption because others do not like what is happening today and so they come up with the idea that masculinity is in crisis. We need to see that everyday, there is social construction happening around us and that everyday, people will always be changing and reforming their ideas and beliefs. Again, this is a crisis in society.


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