(LATE) Introductory Bio

Hello, my name is Chimeng Xiong, but I go by Alex which is my middle name. Growing up as an Asian American, I could see that there are things that I saw different from others. Being a person of color and a minority in a predominantly white population, I could see the difference in interactions and judgement people had towards myself and others.

Other classes I have taken pertaining to media, race, class, gender, and/or sexuality are COMM 320 about white privileged and COMM 315 – Communication and Gender. 

Being able to integrate race, class, gender, sexuality and other forms of differences into your personal life is a good thing. Having the knowledge of all forms of differences is good to know because you are then able to connect and educate yourself. Being able to educate yourself about the differences in people will help you better communicate with those individuals and better understand their perspectives. As a minority, I am always educating myself about all forms of differences in the world. Being able to do this allowed me to better understand where people are coming from and the way they perceive the world around them. I am able to incorporate myself into the beliefs of others and not judge them based on their differences. This reflects into my identity as an individual, but that does not mean my identity is not changing as well.



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