Blog Post #2

I think that throughout the film, the display of racism was significant enough to notice and the way they portray it shows.

In class we discussed about the relativity of intersectionality. With the TED Talk, Crenshaw talks about not only facing race, but also sexism when it comes to intersectionality. Intersectionalty does not revolve around one criteria, but many factors that shape your life and apply to you. This also applies to what Bell Hooks talks about wen she says to not look thorough one looking glass.

We also talked about hegemony. While discussing, we talked about the movie Green Book. The movie highlights a lot of hegemony, for example, Tony telling Dr, Shirley to just eat somewhere else when the host and manager did not let him be seated. The policy of the restaurant was that they do not serve people of color and that rule allowed for the manager to get away with his racism towards Dr. Shirley. It gave the manager power over Dr. Shirley. Another interesting scene was when the camera points back a the tables and you could see that all of the waiters were African American.



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