Diversity Reflection

In my life, I have seen many things that revolve around race. Since I am Asian, I do get treated very differently than others, or others expect something from me that I, myself, am not aware of. Since I was young, I’ve been expected from my peers to be “smart”. I think that the notion because I’m Asian, certain remarks such as “being good at math”, or “you probably only get A’s” are just general cases for many if not all Asians. Being that I am of a different race, gives other people different views of me. Of course, that can be said to every race. To me, growing up Asian, has been a struggle.  

Many things annoying me, but the one thing that bothers me the most is the fact that people believe all Asians are the same. Of course that is not true and far from it at the least. Many people are either unable or unwilling to distinguish between different Asian ethnicities: Korean American from a Japanese American, Filipino American from an Indonesian American, etc. This becomes a problem when people generalize certain beliefs or stereotypes about one or a few Asian Americans to the entire Asian American population. The result is that important differences between Asian ethnic groups are minimized or ignored altogether. Another stereotype is that all Asians are foreigners. For me, my grandparents and parents are foreigners, but for me to be assumed by others that I am not American born is an issue. Many non-Asians simply assume that every Asian they see, meet, or hear about is a foreigner. Many can’t recognize that many Asian American families have been U.S. citizens for several generations. As a result, because all Asian Americans are perceived as foreigners, it becomes easier to think of us as not fully American and then to deny us the same rights that other Americans take for granted. Yes, that means prejudice and discrimination in its many forms. 

Being able to integrate race, class, gender, sexuality and other forms of differences into your personal life is a good thing. Having the knowledge of all forms of differences is good to know because you are then able to connect and educate yourself. Being able to educate yourself about the differences in people will help you better communicate with those individuals and better understand their perspectives. As a minority, I am always educating myself about all forms of differences in the world. Being able to do this allowed me to better understand where people are coming from and the way they perceive the world around them. I am able to incorporate myself into the beliefs of others and not judge them based on their differences. In my professional life, being able to understand diversity will benefit me. Having the knowledge to know that there is a difference between me and others will allow me to know where I stand. Moreover, this will allow me to help educate others who are not knowledgeable about the forms of differences there may be between them.

           As a journalist, I want to be able to integrate all forms of diversity into my subjects. I will continue to educate myself to better understand all kinds of diversity. All the differences in the world are what make this a beautiful place to live in. I hope to in turn educate others as well. I want to educate others to learn about diversity or more about diversity. Being able to educate others will make them understand where people come from. Hopefully when I educate others, they too will help to educate others as well.




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